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is a collection of travel stories about our nomadic life, freelancing, and the fine folk we meet on the road


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is a Canadian/British citizen who was born in the Netherlands and spent his formative years in the Middle East and Texas. Though this confusing backstory has induced momentary panic whenever someone asks him, "so where's your hometown?", it has also cultivated a desire for a nomadic lifestyle punctuated by experiences not things. After earning a master’s degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from Lund University in Sweden, he has started his career with brief stints in Calgary, Vancouver and Singapore. Fully aware that traveling and sustainability can be difficult to reconcile at times—Luke hopes to shed light on environmental issues he encounters along the way and offer some helpful tips on how to minimize your footprint while on the road. He is most content when summiting a tough hike, nervously topping out on a climbing route, sweating profusely from a spicy curry, or immersing himself in a good non-fiction read.

Luke is a freelance editor & proofreader  ·  RESUME    



was born in Manila and raised in Vancouver. After finishing a Lit and Poetry degree, moving to Los Angeles, and writing for Los Angeles Magazine, Trixie finally stumbled into the world of film. She started as assistant at Trisko Talent and Development Coordinator at Drive Films. She is currently writing screenplays and the biography of her mother, a Filipina pop star, immigrant to Canada, and three-time cancer survivor. She probably climbs, surfs, plays rugby, works from coffee shops and says dude more than the average young professional… but hey, at least she tries.

Trixie works as a freelance script consultant, writer, and photographer ·  RESUME  ·  PORTFOLIO 




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