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Essential Tools For Every Freelancer


We get it. You’re a hustler. And whether you’re just starting out or running a freelance empire, your time is precious.

Working efficiently is how you pay the bills. It’s how you get good reviews, build your brand, spread your solid reputation, and secure more opportunities.

Efficiency also lets you enjoy the perks of freelancing—it means you actually have time to go for a hike, be with your family, or take a Wednesday off, which was the whole point of going freelance anyways.

Luckily, there are a bunch of great thinkers out there who want to make your life easier by creating genius apps to maximize productivity, efficiency, and general well-being. There are apps for all kinds of things, from scheduling to proofreading to placing more than one URL link on your Instagram profile. Here’s a round-up of my favourites by category.


Grammarly — free grammar and spell-checker with a Chrome plug-in

Air Story — software for writing teams

Scrivener — organize your manuscript, thesis paper, or screenplay

Amazon Storybuilder — save paper, use online cue cards

File Management

Google Docs & Google Drive

Dropbox — back, back, back it up

WeTransfer — send large files without cluttering Google Drive/Dropbox


Slack — handy communication app

Zoom — video meeting app for webinars, team calls, screen sharing, and interviews

Loom — free tool for recording videos and screencasts


Project Management

Asana — a sexy app for project organization

Trello — remote communication and workflow management

Evernote — the online filing cabinet you always wanted


1-Click Timer — a Chrome extension that puts a Pomodoro timer on your computer

Focus Keeper — iPhone app that employs the Pomodoro method

Active Inbox — turn your Gmail inbox into a task manager

Freedom App — blocks you from the websites that distract you most

Rambox — a cool and free little app that consolidates all of your message systems (ie. Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Gmail) into one window

Toggl — seamlessly track hours for all your clients and projects

LastPass — free password manager to save you time and headaches

Social Media

LinkTree — add more than one URL link to your Insta page

CoSchedule — a marketing tool for mapping content and social media

SmarterQueue — a fab social media scheduler

Planoly — an Instagram scheduler with a solid preview

Tailwind — a Pinterest scheduler with a free trial





GoDaddy — get your domain

Branding & Design

Canva — a free and intuitive web-based graphic design tool

Wisestamp — revamp your Gmail signature

Unsplash — free stock photos

Pixabay — free stock photos


bit.ly — create custom shortlinks for sleeker posts

Yoast SEO — free plugin for optimizing SEO

Moz — explore the best keywords

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