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While the rise of social media has ups and downs, it is a powerful tool. Social media is not just a social platform, but a means of advertising, sharing your story or brand, networking, and finding business opportunities.

You already know this. The question at hand is how to post like a social media guru without turning it into a full-time endeavour?

As a freelance social media manager, I can attest to the amount of knowledge, time, strategy, and creativity that goes into creating posts for clients. Since we don’t all have the luxury of hiring help, here are a few simple but effective strategies to post like the pros...

Is your best foot forward?

When it comes to looking professional, presenting a cohesive brand is a must. Take some time to think about what this looks like for you or your company.

Does your company name and logo grab attention and inform? Is your tagline effective? Do colors, fonts, and images express your brand? Is your tone consistent? Is it professional and informative, casual and approachable, or sarcastic and humorous? Remember that people can tell when you’ve put a lot of thought into your brand.

Scope out YOUR competition

Identify brands and competitors who receive a lot of engagement on social media and pinpoint some strategies to bring to your own efforts. What do they post? How often? How do they convey their story?

SPEAK confidently

Personal and genuine content goes a long way. Don’t be hesitant to promote yourself. Write with a confident voice. Open up and share your story. Tell the social media world (your potential clients) about yourself, your business, and your services.

Offer something valuable

Balance your promotional posts with things that are valuable to your readers. For example, share articles or videos with tips, news, and insights on a regular basis. Support other initiatives or businesses that relate to your own. Readers are more likely to tune in and value your posts if they gain ideas, insights, or entertainment from your channel. They’re also more likely to engage, share, or recommend you.

hashtag Wisely

Topical and relevant hashtags facilitate searches. Using hashtags increases visibility and views. Since the connection is topical, it’s an especially powerful tool. When it comes to hashtags, choose the hashtags that come up most commonly and go for quality over quantity. For aesthetic reasons, you may wish to batch them at the end of your post or capitalize the first letters of words. #QualityOverQuantity #AestheticsMatter

Take a second look

Whether you proofread by taking a second glance or run the text through a free checker like Grammarly, make sure your copy is typo-free!

Pay attention to the overall look. Space things out, use bullet points when applicable, and ensure that important information is highlighted. The easier it is to read, the more effective your copy will be!

Shorten links

Another way to de-clutter posts is to shorten links. Use a URL shortener like Bitly to shrink long URL’s down to something more bite-sized and aesthetically appealing.

DO YOU USE questions OR calls to action?

Do you want to boost engagement with your posts? Try asking questions or inciting actions, or read on to learn more.

See what I did there? Questions and calls to action work especially well in posts that are personal, conversational, or offer commentary. Calls to action can involve clicking on the following link to read on, visiting your website for further details, or sharing in the comments below.

Choose quality images

Regardless of what you post, ensure all photos are compelling, high-quality photos that to relate to your content. Most of all, ensure that they are copyright-free!

Some websites for free stock images include:

While there are many high-quality stock images to choose from, combining these with personal photos will help keep things personal.

Is there a magic time to post?

Many articles will reveal a magic number for posting times, but there are no guarantees that they will work for your business and followers. With that said, do think about the people you wish to reach. What do their days look like? Is there a better time to catch them with a post than others? For weekday posting, targeting daily commutes and lunch breaks are always safe options.

Batch-schedule posts

If you’re serious about posting on social media on a regular basis, consider using a scheduler. This allows you to set up an entire month of posts in the space of a few hours and ultimately saves time. Another benefit to batch-scheduling is gaining a wider view of your posting strategy. It makes it easier to create coherency and reduce redundancy. Some schedulers include:

  • Hootsuite

  • Loomly

  • Buffer

  • Sendible

  • Meet Edgar

  • TweetDeck (for Twitter)

  • Tailwind (for Pinterest)

Don’t ignore your stats

Some people helplessly track likes while others are terrified to see how many people really are reading their blog or social media posts. However, it is important to use analytics. The data collected each month can tell you which content received the most engagement and guide your social media strategy.

Engage back

Cultivate two-way interactions. Respond to questions and customer service queries. Like back when you receive some love. Show appreciation for your followers and customers. These are proven strategies that will help convert engagement into relationships and business.

Still feeling stuck? I can help you reach more customers by developing your online marketing strategy and creating your social media posts. I can also offer coaching to get you started. Click here to learn more!

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